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My name is MeLinda Moore and I am the School Nurse for Cloverdale.  You may contact me at the following numbers listed below or you may email me at

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How sick is "Too Sick" to attend school?

With flu season upon us, we all need to do as much as possible to keep our children healthy and in school. There are times when you should keep your child out from school. As a parent you know keeping your child home when sick improves the time needed to get well and reduces the possibility of spreading illness. Below are the types of illnesses that are reasons for keeping a child home:

*Fever-temperature of 100* or more, child should remain home until fever free for 24 hours.

*Vomiting-your child should not attend school if he/she has vomited in the last 12 hours.

*Diarrhea-your child should remain home if she/her has or had diarrhea in the last 12 hours(more than 2-3 loose bowel movements).

*Unknown Rash-your child should not attend school until the rash has been checked and treated (requires a note from the doctor saying the child is not contagious).

*Pink Eye (conjunctivitis) this can be very contagious. Your child should be treated with prescription eye drops for 24 hours before returning to school.

*Strep Throat-your child must be on antibiotics for 24-48 hours before returning to school.

*Cold/Cough-If your child is coughing frequently, or needs medication for symptoms during the day, he/she should stay at home.

There are times when your child looks and feels like he/she is too ill to study or learn in school. If so, there is no point being in school. Also remember good and frequent hand washing, eating right, and getting plenty of rest helps our bodies fight off illness. Have a Healthy Winter.