Science Fair 2017

Science Fair ~ 2017
Posted on 01/17/2017
4th & 5th Grade Science ProjectsFor days and days fourth and fifth grade students have been working on science projects.  These students worked hard at home as well as at school.  They complied information, done experiments, took pictures, and wrote conclusions about their projects. Each classroom chose three projects from their classroom to compete in the overall school competition. These eighteen projects were displayed on the stage in the lunchroom to be judged. The day of the judging each student explained their project to the judges. We would like to thank the judges, Mr. Jeff Granham and Mr. Mike Washburn, for taking the time out of their schedule to come and take part in our Science Fair.
Grandview would like to congratulate all of the students that participated in the "Science Fair"!  The projects were awesome!! There were a first, second, and third place winner in each grade level.
The winners were:

Fourth Grade:
1st Place ~ Lucius McKinzie 
Project: My Lava Lamp

2nd Place ~ Jumaiyah Johnson
Project: The Paper Towel Challenge

3rd Place ~ Oliver White
Project:  Is Yawning Contagious

Fifth Grade:

1st Place ~ Juvante Harrison
Project:  How to Make Lightning

2nd Place ~ Jasmine Culver
Project:  Does Drinks Stain Your Teeth

3rd Place ~ Jason Gonzales
Project : Baking Soda and Vinegar Balloon

Click here to see the pictures of the winners.
Click here to see pictures of the projects.