April Parents of the Month

April Parent's Of The Month
Posted on 04/07/2017

Congratulations To Grandview's
"April Parents Of The Month"

Kindergarten ~ Diane Powell
Ms. Powell has 2 children in kindergarten.  They are Davarrius James in Ms. Nguyen's class and Treyvon James in Ms. Register's class.

First Grade ~ Annie Dyson
Ms. Dyson's child,Heather Hill, is in Mrs. Faulk's class.

Second Grade ~ Doris Granger
Ms. Granger's child, ZaElyn Granger, is in Ms. White's class.

Third Grade ~ Sharon Hicks
Ms. Hicks' child, Liza Denton, is in Mrs. Elston's class.

Fourth Grade ~ Dawn Kirkman
Ms. Kirkman's child, Ryan Marx, is in Mrs. Nelson's class.

Fifth Grade ~ Indaly Walker
Ms. Walker's child, Shaliyah Walker, is in Mrs. Pippin's class.

Please stop by Grandview and see the pictures of these parents and their child posted outside the office.